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Improving Your Marketing Efforts

Improving Your Marketing Efforts

1. Focus on Identifying Their Problem!!

Project yourself as a helper and a solution provider. Don’t focus too much on your product, rather focus on the value it provides to your customer. Learn to sell the benefits of your product – By that we mean DEMONSTRATE to the consumer just how your product will change their lives.

Use real and practical examples that your consumer encounters every day. Running a Market Research project before launching a new product or service will help your iron out the kinks and figure out the problems your consumer needs addressing.

2.Developing Competitive Market Value

Several other competitors could be offering up the exact same product or service to the market you serve. What are you doing to differentiate yourself from them? How are you standing out in terms of your market or service? Develop a competitive advantage like giving little extras that go with what you are offering.

You can also align yourself with other companies that don’t operate in your exact niche but can complement your offerings in order to reach new people. For example if you sell bathroom equipment for physically disabled people, you could align yourself with a company that sells wheelchairs.

Keeping your profit margins slim can get your brand established, and, because you are delivering a quality product, you create trust between you and your consumer. This is how you build your reputation.

3.Take Advantage of the Festive Season and Other Events and Holidays Throughout the Year

People spend the most money during the festive season. They may have saved up for months just to splurge during this particular time period. It’s a great way for you to make sales and increase your leads, so be ready to go ‘all out’ when the time comes.

Launch a new product or develop some great special offers for specific holidays, and then get the word out by making use social media or hiring a team of expert marketers to help you with your campaign.

4.Monitor Your Sales Teams’ Productivity

Ensure that your sales team is productive in their work and if not ensure that they receive the necessary training to boost their skills. Even when a member is not managing to reach your desired goals, educating them and equipping them with the right tools to do so will increase moral and increase their productivity.

Improving your marketing can seem like a daunting task, however the ideas above show you that it can be simple. If you would like some help to increase your reach through your marketing contact us today.

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