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Date: 05 Aug 2015
Cat: Call Center

Pain Gel Lead Generation

About Pain Gel Lead Generation

Thank you for inquiring about our Pain Gel Campaign. It’s one of the hottest campaigns out right now. This is a very profitable campaign. All you need is good agents & diabetic data which is easy to find.

We offer pain cream, scar cream and wound cream for this campaign. It’s a commission based campaign like any sales campaign. You must be focused and have the right data for the campaign. We have vendors for pain cream data if needed. You can simply ask us. The payout does 30-45 days on each sale because of the insurance company cutting the check. This is the only negative thing about the campaign.


We will provide you with a CRM to track all patients and sales. Our CRM is advanced with full transparent notes on everything going on. All payouts are listed directly on the CRM for you to see.

Add us on skype for more details. Skype ID is kingofleadgen

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