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Date: 06 Jun 2016
Cat: Entertainment


About Smashd

Welcome To Smashd

Produced at Atom Factory, we’re excited to tell stories covering what entrepreneurs go through and how they build startups, how the tech and entertainment industries are merging, and how our culture is changing.

We’re exposing you to new music, art, and all things culture. Whether you’re the next pop star or the next tech star, we want to tell your story.

Why We Did This
We saw a place in media where entertainment and music coverage could come together with compelling business and startup coverage. Some might describe Smashd as “Forbes meets Fader.”

We are bringing you cutting-edge culture alongside critical business news.

Talk To Us
All feedback and ideas are welcome. Reach out to us at:

Editorial Inquiries:

Publisher: Atom Factory
Editorial Director: Lori Kozlowski
Editorial Staff: Nneoma Akubuilo, Scott Sterling
Creative Directors: Rob English, Reggieknow
Video: Lee Loechler, Victoria Vaughn, Billy Durden, Ryan Trainor
Photography: Kristyna Archer
Advertising and Partnerships: Kai Wright
Audience Development: Emily Bagtas
Digital and Social Media: Matthew Jekowsky
Web Design & Development: Reimagine Digital, Frank Collective
Writers and Contributors:
Levi Brooks, Tracy Chabala, Tiffany Crawford, John Deyto, Michelle Edgar, Maria Elena Fernandez, Ryan Doolittle, Brittany Graham, Maneesh K. Goyal, Tyler Hayes, Azra Isakovic, Tameka Kee, Bob Lefsetz, Chris Lee, Sarah LaBrie, Lynn Maleh, Adam Popescu, Adam Raymond, Jonathan Riggs, Marlee Sherwin, Lisen Stromberg, Jon Tanners, Mekeisha Madden Toby, Maritza Lerman Yoes


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