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Date: 05 Aug 2015
Cat: Call Center

Spark Energy Campaign

About Spark Energy Campaign

Today Which? launched a challenge to energy companies, who will soon be installing smart meters in every home in Great Britain: don’t use it as an excuse to sell.

By 2020 the government wants every home in Great Britain to have a smart meter, at a cost of £11.3 billion. Having discovered that some energy companies see the smart meter installation as a great opportunity to sell products, services and energy tariffs, Which? has stepped in to challenge them.

Which? executive director Richard Lloyd said:

‘Smart meters have the potential to save consumers a lot of money on their energy bills but consumers are expected to foot the 11.3 billion-pound bill for the roll out. We’re calling on energy companies to focus on installing them safely and efficiently, and not on lining their own pockets.’

Kris Jakobsen, Director of Sales & Marketing at Spark Energy stated:

‘Here at Spark Energy, our Smart Meter roll out began late last year. As one of the ‘little 6’ we are very enthusiastic about Smart Meters and the benefits they will bring to consumers and welcome the Which? campaign.’

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