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My colleague discusses the problem of firms offering exceptional customer service and the option of outsourcing in this week’s Friends on Friday guest blog article. –  H Sharma is a character in the film  H Sharma

You’re a rising corporation that wants to present the greatest possible picture of itself. One of the goals you want to attain is to provide your customers with excellent and convenient customer service while keeping your costs low. You want your clients to be able to reach you in a variety of ways, whether it’s online or over the phone. You promise to yourself that you’ll never have a ringy-dingy call centre that answers unattended phones again. You strive to address the demands of your clients in whatever manner feasible.

However, the issue stems from your in-house customer service team. They aren’t skilled or competitive enough to complete the difficult assignment. So, what’s going to happen now?


Is it a good idea to outsource your customer service?

Customer service is critical to every company’s success. In fact, regardless of size or sophistication, it may make or break a corporation. It’s critical in this age of relationship marketing to make every consumer interaction as positive and useful as possible.

Outsourcing is one strategy to improve your customer service and gain consumer loyalty. Using a third-party provider to manage your customer service operations can provide you with a number of significant and long-term benefits, including:


Reduce expenses and save a lot of money.

Costs are often greater for companies who manage their own contact and fulfilment departments. Outsourcing allows you to budget effectively by converting fixed costs into variable costs. There’s no need to spend money on employee training or expensive technology. Outsourcing your customer service to a reputable vendor can save you money in terms of capital, time, and effort.


Gain access to specialised knowledge.

Professional outsourcing companies have specialised teams to provide exceptional customer service, which can help your company stand out. These individuals have a wide range of experience and talents in a variety of industries and technologies, allowing them to assist you in achieving outstanding quality and unrivalled customer service proficiency.


Boost your productivity and competitiveness.

Your consumers will receive the assistance they require when you outsource your customer support. This will make them happier, and you will be less stressed as a result. Top service providers can also absorb large demand swings, allowing for faster ramp-ups and ramp-downs than in-house centres.


Concentrate on your main business.

In the face of competition, outsourcing customer service allows you to concentrate on your main company while outsourcing your long-term, strategic operations. This will provide you an advantage in terms of moving forward and remaining ahead of the competition.


Boost your earnings

Finally, customer service providers can work with you to improve KPIs like first-call resolution, average handle time, and customer happiness to help you generate income from your customer service operations.


So, have you given any thought to outsourcing your customer service?

He works for Infinit Outsourcing, Inc., an ISO-certified BPO firm that specialises in SMEs. She is in charge of the online brands and content for Infinit-O, Infinit Contact, Infinit Healthcare, and Infinit Accounting. Even if she is no longer employed, you can find her in front of her computer, studying more about marketing. She’s a social media and internet nerd.

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