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The Advantages of Outsourcing Email Management to Votiko

The Advantages of Outsourcing Email Management to Votiko

Throughout the day, more than a third of consumers check their email. Although it may only take a few minutes each time, over the course of a week, these minutes can mount up to several hours. If you’re a business owner, the situation is exacerbated by the sheer volume of emails you’re likely to receive. However, there is a solution: hiring a professional assistant to manage your email.


Give yourself more time

The most significant benefit of outsourcing email management is the time savings. You can focus on more vital business matters when you don’t have to spend hours every day sorting, reading, and responding to emails.


Spam should be avoided.

If you have to make your email address public, it’s possible that half of your inbox will be filled with spam. While you may simply delete everything in your spam folder, you run the risk of losing anything vital.

When you outsource email management, your assistant will go through your spam folder and sort through the messages for you. Consider never having to read another scam email. This is the kind of calm and organisation you’ll need to manage a successful business.


Keep the chaos under control.

Having an unstructured inbox may not seem like a big deal, but it means you’re potentially leaving people in the dark, which might hurt your reputation. It’s all too simple to completely forget about an email and never respond. You’ll need a clean, well-organized inbox to streamline your business. You won’t have to devote time to cleaning up your inbox if you outsource email management.


Work and personal life should be kept separate.

Many workers check their email over their lunch break or even after they leave work. This is a concern because it blurs the distinction between work and personal life. You won’t have to think about emails if you outsource email handling, which can help you achieve a better work–life balance.

On weekdays, you should respond to emails within 24 hours, and on weekends, you should respond within 48 hours. This eliminates the need for your assistant to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In reality, the activity should only take a few hours per week, making it one of the most cost-effective activities you can outsource.

Spend Less

Time is money, and you’re not making any while reading and responding to emails. While email interaction is a crucial part of your profession, you must also focus on a variety of other responsibilities.

Consider what else you could do with the time you’re wasting on email. Then figure out how much money you could make for your company during that time period. Almost certainly, it will be much higher than the cost of outsourcing email handling.


Emails that aren’t necessary should be avoided.

We’ve all had that one employee that sends out absolutely pointless emails. Perhaps it’s a one-word confirmation email; perhaps you’ve been CCed on a topic that has nothing to do with you. You won’t even see these emails if you outsource your email – your assistant will only highlight emails that are important to you or require a response. Your assistant can also send out automated email responses. If you get a lot of emails asking the same question, this will come in handy.


Get Rid of Scheduling Issues

Many people use email to keep track of their schedules. A coworker or client may send you an email to inquire about your availability or to demand that you commit to a specific time.

You can get scheduling services as well as email management by hiring a virtual assistant. Meetings and appointments will be scheduled by your VA depending on your availability and preferences. Your virtual assistant will also email you a reminder so you don’t forget an appointment – you won’t have to check your calendar yourself.


Emails are never lost.

In business, losing essential emails is a major issue. You can delete emails without understanding you’ll need them later, or you might simply lose them in your inbox’s mess. When you use the appropriate search criteria, you can typically retrieve a deleted email (especially if it’s recent), and you can also find a specific message you haven’t deleted. In any instance, though, time and effort are required.

By dividing messages into folders and subfolders, an email management assistant will help you arrange your inbox. As a result, you won’t feel compelled to delete messages to keep your inbox from filling up. Plus, you’ll never miss an essential email again because every communication you need will be right where you expect it to be. Furthermore, you won’t have to seek for the email yourself; instead, you can ask your assistant to do so.

Votiko provides you with a virtual assistant to help you manage your email. A generic virtual assistant may filter your email, set up autoresponders, schedule appointments, and give you reminders, among other things. We’ll give you a 10% discount on our services if you schedule a consultation with us.

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