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Ways to use Votiko’s live chat assistance to build your business

Customers value rapid service and responses to their questions. Isn’t it shocking? Effective and efficient customer service not only keeps customers pleased, but it also makes them loyal to your business. According to an eMarketer research, 62 percent of customers would be more likely to buy things online if live customer service was available.

It’s critical for the bottom line to provide immediate assistance to this rising cohort of internet shoppers. It can be difficult to find a channel that fulfils the customer’s expectations, but live chat support is one of the few online tools that delivers immediate assistance and individualised responses.

Here are six strategies to make the most of live chat support:

Converting leads into customers

Prospective purchasers aren’t always sure what they want and like to look around a lot. Allow them to depart without making a purchase. Instead, utilise live chat to engage your customers by asking them what they’re looking for, educating them about your product or service, or attempting to persuade them to make a purchase. Unlike email responses, which take time and can cause clients to lose interest, live chat can instantaneously capture a customer’s interests.

“Live chat is one of the fastest-growing technologies for businesses today,” said John Cooper, vice president of national accounts at IceWarp. Companies are trying to cut down on communication delays.”


Self-confidence and assurance

Many clients abandon the buying process halfway through because they are hesitant to share personal information. Some customers are not computer literate and require step-by-step instructions to complete a purchase. Whatever the situation, clients feel comfortable and confident in completing the purchase when they are guided by a real person.


Be aware of your intended audience.

You can use live chat marketing to identify your customers and learn more about their needs. This might assist you in adapting and modifying your market approach after learning about your clients’ wants.


Educate your employees

Keep in mind that those who are good at phone assistance may not be the best live chat agents. Staff who take calls must be relaxed, however those who work in live chat must multitask since they interact with a large number of consumers in a short period of time. Employees require good live chat training in order to create an influence on clients.


It’s a race against the clock.

Keep track of when potential customers come to your website. Do not assume that your typical business hours of 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. would be convenient for all customers. Determine the most effective time to contact overseas clients and schedule your live chat accordingly. If it is outside the scope of your employees’ working hours, consider outsourcing.


Keep the human side in mind

While conversing with customers, be cheerful, upbeat, and helpful. A robotic greeting demotivates the consumer and undermines the personal connection that live chat marketing allows. Clients are more likely to listen to you if you take a real approach. It’s critical to demonstrate that you care.

Live chat support allows you to not only remain ahead of the competition, but also save money while providing the finest possible service. Positive feedback comes from knowledgeable and friendly employees, paving the door for increased sales and profitability.

Are you interested in using Votiko Chat for your company? Learn how our live chat app can help you anticipate questions, boost revenue, and cut down on wait times.

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