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Why is a Call Center Job a Good Choice for New Graduates?

Are you a recent graduate who is unsure about working in a call centre? Despite the Philippines’ continued expansion in the BPO business, most graduates are still hesitant to pursue a career with these organisations due to common misunderstandings about the profession and the industry. Many people are still sceptical if starting a career in a call centre is the best decision because of its unique approach to customer service, job structure, and timetable.

We spoke with several of Votiko’ long-serving employees who have made a name for themselves in the call centre sector. We questioned them about their experiences, reasons for staying with the organisation, and recommendations for recent graduates who might be interested in working there. We also sought assistance in compiling a list of reasons why recent graduates should pursue careers in this field.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 reasons why the sector is a wonderful location to start a solid career, ranging from the enjoyable work atmosphere to the excellent benefits.


Work in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.

Contrary to popular assumption, the sector is not a dull place where employees solely come to work to answer phones. Some people believe that there is little to no peer connection at work, yet the reality is that teams and accounts create close friendships among their members.

One of our team leaders, Ted, told us that “it seemed like he had a second family” in his account. We believe in a supportive atmosphere at Votiko, and Ted agrees that he was able to see that in action. He claims that he is not under pressure at work because his supervisors and team members understand and support him.

JP, a customer support representative for our health-care account, told us that when he’s stressed, he finds solace in his coworkers. “Even if we have a lot on our plates, my teammates just laugh, and it’s infectious,” he says. “It allows us to unwind and be more motivated at work.”


Maintain a healthy work-life balance.

While most rest days vary by account, working in a call centre ensures that you will never have to bring your work home with you. “I like having more time to myself and my family,” Vhal, one of our team managers, says.

Votiko additionally ensures that our employees have the opportunity to pursue their passions through the company’s clubs and activities. “Being able to have an outlet for her enthusiasm helps her more driven to achieve better at work,” Jen, a member of Votiko Synergy Dance Group, explains. We also have a variety of activities that cater to our employees’ interests, such as family days and sports fests, which keep them engaged and provide an opportunity to relax and unwind after a long day at work.


Learn a lot about what it’s like to work in the real world.

In a contact centre, there’s more to learn than how to answer the phone. The industry will challenge you to your boundaries to see what you can do, from patience to versatility to improving communication and people skills.

“Working in a call centre is like starting a new career.” “You have to be someone else in a second and take jobs you never dreamed you’d fill,” one of our agents explains. “It teaches you a lot of things and shows you how much there is to learn in just one career.”


Find opportunities for personal, professional, and financial improvement.

Call centres, as a dynamic and rapidly rising industry in the Philippines, are known for offering excellent compensation packages. Votiko ensures that our employees are comfortable and safe by offering benefits that meet their issues and worries, as well as a competitive wage plan tailored to their needs. We also make sure to appreciate our employees’ efforts by offering promotions to competent applicants and emphasising the value of their work.

Justin, one of our Technical Service Representatives, talks about how he was able to achieve success in his first few months with the organisation. “After four months on our account, I got upgraded to Tier 2 right away.” I was still on probation at the time, had no prior work experience, and had just graduated from university. “It came as a shock to me,” he admits. “I’m delighted they trusted me enough to entrust me with further responsibilities.”

As long as we perceive an employee’s potential and abilities, we make sure to recognise them and give you the credit you deserve.


You’ll be able to put what you’ve learnt in school into practise.

One of the most common misunderstandings concerning contact centres is that employees must simply make phone calls. For those who are unfamiliar, call centres were developed to address specific challenges that necessitate specialised knowledge. “The job that she’s doing right now is absolutely relevant to what she’s studied,” Khey, a tourism graduate who manages a travel account, says. “The work is similar to that of a hotel or an airline,” she adds, “but with better security, bigger benefits, and more time to oneself.”

Votiko has a few accounts accessible that provide support for a variety of major worldwide companies, and these accounts typically require expertise and understanding in areas such as health, travel, hospitality, telecommunications, and finance, among others. Regardless of your study, you will find a career that suits you, and you will be able to apply what you learned in university to the industry.

Are you persuaded that it’s past time for you to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new? join Votiko, Prepare your resumes and get ready to investigate a new type of opportunity. I hope to see you there!

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