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Why is it so important to have customer support available 24/7?

Why is it so important to have customer support available 24/7?

Consider this scenario: you’ve worked a long and arduous day, but you’ve finally earned a vacation. You take care of your children, clean the house, and prepare dinner when you get home from work. Even though you are fatigued, once the kids are in bed, you finally have time to finish your trip preparations and sit down in front of a computer to handle them. You visit the airline’s website without much thought and swiftly charge four flights to your credit card. You notice in your fatigued state that you have booked the wrong dates when your eyes flash across the confirmation screen! Panic and annoyance set in. Instead of retiring to bed, you’ll have to contact customer service to have things sorted out. Consider how aggravating it would be if you called just to be told that customer care was closed.

When it comes to offering excellent customer service, availability 24×7 is critical. The majority of people do not do personal business during working hours, which is why a fatigued parent is trying to book flights at 2 a.m. Customers that need to contact customer service are usually dissatisfied with your service or product. Telling someone who is already frustrated that they must wait for a solution would simply make things worse. Given that every dissatisfied client has the option of submitting a public internet review, poor customer service can potentially have a substantial negative influence on your company.

Votiko, fortunately for businesses all over the world, provides service 24×7. Our agents are trained in the art of de-escalation and conflict resolution, and they can empathize with customers who are having a bad day and just want to fix their problem. If the airline in the preceding example had been a Votiko client, the disgruntled customer would have quickly reached a well-trained representative, who would have been able to change the dates of their flight without difficulty, allowing that tired individual to go to bed with thoughts of their upcoming trip sweetening their dreams. By setting hours for your customer support availability, you’re doing your customers a disservice. Instead, collaborate with us to ensure that your consumers always receive the help they require.

Votiko provides call center outsourcing, email support outsourcing, live chat support outsourcing, and social media support outsourcing. Everything can be provided at any time. Our clients and their customers have all given us great reviews, and we are known in the industry for offering high-quality, round-the-clock service. We now collaborate with clients in a variety of industries, including telecommunications, travel & tourism, retail, insurance & healthcare, automotive, energy & utilities, and more. Call today if you’re interested in partnering with us to provide your consumers with 24×7 customer service. We are always pleased to welcome new clients and begin offering outstanding service to a new group of people.

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