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Businesses Can’t Ignore These Live Chat Benefits

Businesses Can’t Ignore These Live Chat Benefits

Live chat Support could be the tool you need if you’re looking for an effective approach to engage with clients on your website. Live chat allows you to effortlessly engage with customers and, as a result, provide them with a valuable service. Do you require proof?

Take a look at this list of nine advantages of live chat. These live chat statistics will help you understand why live chat is so important in today’s digital world and why you should use it to stay ahead.

Use live chat to satisfy up to 73 percent of customers.

It’s critical to improve your website’s customer service and user experience. You want to make sure you’re doing well with both of these because your website will struggle to gain traction if you don’t. One of your main priorities is probably to delight your online customers!

With a customer satisfaction rating of 73 percent, live chat is the most successful customer service channel. Customers are more likely to be dissatisfied with email, phone calls, and other customer care channels because they make them feel ignored or annoyed. You may improve your clients’ contentment and offer them with a great experience by employing live chat.


When shopping online, 79 percent of customers like rapid responses.

Is there a benefit of live chat that you should be aware of? It allows you to communicate with your internet customers right away. By speeding up the communication process, a live chat platform allows your site to save time for both your business and your customers.

Consumers regard effective communication to be a critical factor for websites, with 79 percent preferring live chat services because of the speed with which they receive a response. You can match your consumers’ particular preferences by communicating with them immediately.


Use live chat to increase conversion rates by an average of 20%.

You may enhance your site’s conversion rates by an average of 20% by using live chat! Some customers may come to your site but leave since they don’t get answers to their questions. Live chat allows you to communicate with your consumers in real time, increasing the chances that they will make a purchase.

By utilising this customer support channel, you can not only assist customers, but also improve their overall experience on your website! A better experience might result in word-of-mouth referrals and social media shout-outs from your customers.


Compared to phone calls, live chat is 50% more cost-effective.

Another benefit of live chat is that it can help you save money on customer service. Interacting with customers over the phone and over email may be costly and time-consuming. Live chat can help you save money on customer service right away.

According to statistics, live chat is 50% less expensive than traditional phone calls for customer care! Agents can also connect with multiple consumers at the same time when using live chat. Increasing your customer service efficiency frees up a large portion of your budget and prevents your company from squandering time and money.

With live chat, 90% of customers feel more confident.

Any business must prioritise gaining client trust. With so many businesses using ecommerce sites, it’s tough for a business to gain a customer’s trust without meeting them in person. By facilitating convenient connection between agents and customers, live chat allows your site to replicate the in-store experience on an online platform.

Live chat has been shown to increase client trust, with research indicating that 90 percent of customers feel more confident shopping online if live chat is present. You don’t want to miss out on a chance to create trust with internet shoppers.


Using live chat Support, retain up to 63 percent of customers.

You know going in that not every shopper will make a purchase when you do business online. Fortunately, live chat gives you an opportunity to improve customer retention. According to statistics, 63 percent of customers are more inclined to return to a website with live chat.

You can use live chat Support to communicate with clients before they buy something and collect information about them so you can reconnect with them after they leave your site. Customers can benefit from live chat for both informing and retaining information. This is a huge benefit, because it costs 10 times more to replace a customer than it does to keep one.


51% of customers choose live chat because it allows them to multitask.

Live chat services give your customers a quick and easy method to browse and get answers to their inquiries. With all of the advantages that live chat provides, it’s no surprise that customers love having this function available when perusing the web. Users prefer live chat because it allows them to multitask while buying.

According to a recent study, 51% of online consumers prefer live chat because it allows them to shop and obtain answers at the same time. If users are expressing an interest in live chat, this is a service you should really consider!


62 percent of smartphone users expect live chat on websites.

Before exploring your website, customers have expectations about what it should contain. In today’s online environment, providing live chat customer support has become one of these demands. Moxie Software, Inc. performed a survey.

According to the study, 62 percent of mobile customers expect live chat help. This result is significant because mobile shopping is a popular choice among customers. Customers will be more likely to respond to your calls to action if you offer live chat (CTAs).

Users may be encouraged to buy your goods, subscribe to your newsletter, or follow your social media accounts, for example. You can quickly answer to any user questions using live chat.


If live chat was available, 9.82 percent of customers would utilise it.

Businesses who want to make the most of their website should give customers the functionality and style that they want. Consumers have said that live chat is one of these things that they value. According to the findings of another survey, if a live chat feature is made available, more than 80% of shoppers will use it.

If customers say they’ll utilise live chat and that they find it useful, it’s something to think about.


Do you want to know more about live chat statistics?

As we explore the digital future and the prospects for online company, it is critical to consider using online chat to communicate with customers. Customers will feel ignored if you don’t have live chat, and they will be less inclined to return to your site if you don’t have it.

You can rapidly improve your site and provide users a better online experience by using live chat. Live chat can help you enhance sales, conversions, satisfaction, and customer service on your website.

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