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Date: 06 Aug 2015
Cat: Business

Abbot’s Wood Enterprises

About Abbot’s Wood Enterprises

In 1958, Herschel Abbott, Sr and Eldora Abbott owned and operated the largest cedar sawmill business in NJ and did so for over 30 years. Herschel Abbott, Jr, their son, worked along side his parents in the sawmill and at the age of 16 he started his own firewood business (Abbott’s Firewood).
In 1978, he married Linda and they had 3 beautiful daughters, Jenny, Kristie and Lori Abbott. In 1986, Abbott’s Wood Enterprises was born. This business started off small with both Herschel Sr and Jr building small products such as lawn furniture and picnic tables. Abbott’s Wood grew rapidly and we sought out highly skilled craftsman to build our products.
In 1998, Abbott’s Wood Enterprises became incorporated. They now have over 25 different products available and stock over 300 sheds. They have a 3 1/2 acre display of sheds, gazebos, lawn furniture, picnic tables and other yard decor.
They have lived and operated our family business for over 50 years in the same town and are proud members of the community.


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