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Date: 06 Aug 2015
Cat: Business

ADJ Metals

About ADJ Metals

ADJ Metals is a third generation family business, which began with Alexander Leff, over 100 years ago! Alexander built the company on the use of a mere pickup truck operation. He eventually passed his company on to the second generation owner, Merwyn Leff, who pushed forward the tradition that Alexander began.
Today, the company sits in the hands of Gary Leff, the third generation leader in an quickly growing metal recycling company. Gary, along with his son Dave, are looking to expand their business using their 25+ years of experience. They strive to teach customized scrap management amongst New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.
Gary and Dave work hand and hand with each of their customers and are never lost behind an office door. If one of them cannot be present on a pickup, the other surely will.
For a business that once started from the back of a pickup truck, ADJ Metals has grown to become an industrial scrap expert. They’ve catapulted themselves from a father/son unit into a fully operational staff and scrap team!
First Generation – Alexander Leff
Second Generation – Merwyn Leff
Third Generation – Gary Leff
Fourth Generation – Dave Leff


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