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Date: 06 Aug 2015
Cat: Business

Save Barnegat Bay

About Save Barnegat Bay

Save Barnegat Bay‘s mission is to restore and protect Barnegat Bay and it’s ecosystem. They advance their mission by being a strong and independent voice for the Bay throughout the watershed, including all of Ocean and parts of Monmouth County. They do this through effective educational programs and targeted advocacy campaigns that engage over 1,500 Save Barnegat Bay members who cherish the Bay as a natural, recreational, and economical resource for the community and all of New Jersey.
The success of their educational programs and advocacy campaigns are the result of their strong connection to the Bay, environmental expertise, ability to collaborate with other organizations, and the credibility as a 40 year community-based nonprofit organization with a record of accomplishment.
Save Barnegat Bay programs and serve citizens and institutions throughout the Barnegat Bay watershed. They seek to educate and engage all residents, but place a special emphasis on serving local and state decision-makers and homeowners by providing them with science-based information and examples of environmental best practices.
Their education efforts focus on student research grants, educating homeowners and other residents or visitors at select events, providing assistance to community activists working to address a localized threat to the Bay. Informed and active community members strengthen Save Barnegat Bay advocacy campaigns that bring about legislation and policies that reduce the nutrient load in the Bay, and eliminate or reduce the impact of physical threats. Whenever possible, they collaborate or partner with other organizations in order to avoid duplication of services, and to maximize our individual strengths and collective resources.


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