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Date: 06 Aug 2015
Cat: Designing

Tina is Always Write

About Tina is Always Write

Coming into the world a bit premature….obviously in a rush to make a most infinite mark, strangled by the umbilical cord, lost heart beat, and only 4 pounds of life to fight with. I guess this is where God had his work cut out for him. It was inevitable that those moments of instantaneous struggle taught me immediately, that you must always fight for what you want. So with that said, my personality was distinct from the get-go. I slept all day…..awake all night…ate what I wanted and when. Held my Father’s heart hostage from everyone, tortured my siblings, dog or anyone else who got in the way of me getting what I wanted. I was a strange, yet entertaining child…made jewelry out of tinfoil, believed I was Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman), and had all sorts of imaginary friends. Barbie was always under attack .I didn’t really care for them, so I used to switch their heads to different bodies…both male/female, lol BUT for Candy I could be bribed, quieted, persuaded. Keeping that in mind, in route to my dance class (age four), my Dad and I walked hand in hand, he was my King & I was his Princess, and all boys could never climb high enough to reach his pedestal upon the “Throne” I created for him. We strolled across the train tracks, taking a short cut…earlier, Mommy handed him tuition money for Dance class because that’s all I ever did was dance, but Daddy had a different agenda, he wanted a bar/liquor and music. So he asked me if I wanted to buy “CANDY” instead of going to Dance, what do you think my answer was? (Yes), we skipped dance class because my Father had poor judgment. Too young to comprehend it yet, but, I would end up being the parent….the adult…my own safety net….no individual’s youth is “easy” and we all have our own cross to bare…but it’s what you do with all of the lessons that you’ve learned along the way…..did I tear up my notebooks full of poetry when I had my heart broken by my first love? No, I saved them and sold cards and lyrics throughout most of my teenage years…for Pop stars…House music labels as well as Hip Hop….did it shatter my ego every time I heard the word NO??? Not likely, the more I heard no, the harder I worked and it gave me an incredible amount of desire….every bridge, roadblock, every distraction tried to hinder me from what I wanted. I never once gave up, even when my dream gave up on me. At this point I did not want to attend college. I wanted to attend school for Arts/Dance in NYC…I danced from age four to seventeen. Cutting to the chase, I had a congenital bone disease in my Femur Bone, and I went on to have reconstructive surgery, with 150 staples later, I was told I was prohibited from ever dancing professionally. I was no longer a dancer, I thought I was lost; those years are particularly difficult to figure out who you are and what you want to be in general. The irony in all of this, is that I found myself through my pen, my writing…continually inspired by music…I created a world of words, where the paper engulfed years of my life, my joys, my sorrows, my accomplishments ,secrets….and in this world I found the girl I was REALLY destined to be. The words, and writing to me were like Mary Magdalene wiping the face of Jesus…….always by my side….in fact…write by my side…
Tina M Schiro


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