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Accurate Data Collection

Get valid, fresh and ready to use data that our experts collect from authentic resources.

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Gather High-Quality
Data for Your
Unique Needs

Leverage our trustworthy data collection services to ensure your data is complete and collected from legal and ethical sources.

Services We Offer in Data Collection

Simple yet

We cut through complexity,
delivering high-quality, accurate data with precision and ease.

Data Verification

Through various databases and online sources, we validate the information available in your database to get the correct and relevant data for your business. Outsource data validation services to our company for the best quality results.

Building Service

Votiko helps clients build high quality customer and prospect databases as a competitive marketing asset for the business to drive more strategic targeted and cost-efficient campaigns.

Jonathan Stephens, CEO, Audio Advice

“Votiko has been a great partner in helping us deliver the experience we are striving for when customers reach out to us.”

Votiko Super
Accurate Data
Collection Services

We offer tailored data collection solutions to meet business-specific needs. Share your requirements and our professionals will get back to you shortly.

Designing and
Building Databases
that work for you

Votiko’s team of industry professionals understand that your business is unique and want to help you carve your name out clearly in your industry by providing you with a bespoke database build specifically for your business. So, if you have been looking for a specialized and highly skilled partner to help your business reach new heights of prosperity and success, then look no further. Contact the team at Votiko to discuss what they can do for your business.

Data Verification
and Validation

Votiko B2B data verification services include real-time telephonic, B2B mailing database, contact, and company insights, and more. Our real-time verified data help you Plan targeted campaigns based on the customer personas, titles & geography of your choice.

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