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Virtual Assistant


Need More Time?
Let Virtual Assistants
Take Care of
Administrative Tasks

To-do list growing out of control? Let our VA’s take that mountain of routine tasks off your hands”

Our VAs can
help you with

You’ll be amazed how much more you can get done with the right assistant. It’s like having a productivity superpower.

A dedicated person to handle the routine for you, Cost-efficient compared to an in-house virtual assistant, Exact expertise and experience you need.
Let our virtual assistants showcase their expertise in managing email, website, travel, and event tasks with precision.

Helping you achieve
the peace of mind.

You can rest assured knowing that your VA is taking care of everything.

Fluent English speaking VA’s

Trust us as your virtual office, handling enquiries with professionalism and representing your brand.

Dedicated Virtual Assistants

Say goodbye to long waiting periods as our 24/7 enquiry handling ensures quick responses.

Get your
time back

Efficient virtual assistants to help you regain precious time and achieve a better work-life balance.

Back Office

Efficient back office support services to streamline your administrative tasks and enhance productivity.


We offer a wide range of research and reporting services to help you stay ahead of the competition.


Affordable virtual assistant services tailored to meet your business requirements without compromising quality..

Votiko's VAs
Are Multi-talented

You shouldn’t have to do everything. 
Let a Virtual Assistant help.

Not just competitively priced, our virtual receptionist service provides you with receptionist resource without any of the costs associated with hiring a permanent member of staff. No more worrying or headaches over sickness, holidays, maternity, comfort and lunch breaks. Leave the stress with us; it’s all of the benefits, without the hit to your bank balance.

We know you’re invested in your business’ future and growth, but do you really want to work every waking hour just to make sure you don’t miss a call or lose an opportunity? With a virtual receptionist, you don’t have to.
Sometimes the right person for the job is hard to find on-site. Other times you don’t need someone in a permanent capacity to tackle a one-off engagement. A team of expert VAs could be just what you need to take your project from idea to implementation.

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