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Some staffing agencies just identify talent—we go above and beyond and handle the search, candidate curation, onboarding, and payroll.


candidates successfully placed in short and medium-term projects


years of experience in  Recruiting for the international development sector



Marcia M, Chief client officer

The Votiko team has been a trusted resource for us since 2014. What sets them apart is that they consistently deliver quality candidates in a very short turnaround period. They are now our first call.

Our Staffing and Recruitment Solutions

At Votiko, we make sure to offer solutions that seamlessly integrate with your diverse business needs. With our extensive expertise in candidate sourcing, meticulous vetting processes, and comprehensive skill assessments you can be sure to hire the absolute best, faster.


Long term contracts are about finding the right culture fit for your team, who’s also got the chops & work ethic to deliver.

Contract/Temporary Staffing

We staff IT professionals on a short-term contracts, and we’ll help you find the perfect candidate fit for your hiring needs.

100% Resource Availability

we specialize in providing 100% dedicated resources to shape teams and cultures tailored to address the unique challenges in the realm of IT staffing and recruitment.


Your IT needs will surely vary, and you can’t have enough team members to meet them all. By employing a staff augmentation model, you can temporarily hire people with the exact expertise you need right now.

IT Staff

Our expert teams specialize in providing quality staff augmentation solutions tailored to your unique requirements, ensuring the seamless integration of highly skilled professionals into your existing teams or projects.

Talent, Solved.

Connecting companies
with skilled and experienced professionals.

We’re not just another vendor; think of us as a partner who extends the capabilities of your team. Whether you’re looking to fill roles in one country or multiple, you’ll get a single point of contact who will coordinate your entire project—no matter how complex—and support you every step of the way.

Votiko's top-tier candidate evaluation service

Once identifying the right candidates, we then shortlist them and keep their profiles based upon their skills, experience, and potential. This screening process incorporates face-to-face interviews and background checks.

Access the top 1% of talent

Votiko specializes in I.T. staffing and recruitment, boasting over a decade of expertise. With a track record of connecting clients to the top 1% of talent, we ensure swift access to skilled professionals, often delivering results within one week.

In This Crowded World,
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We connect you to the best candidates in the world
so you can fill your open roles quickly and confidently

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Dedication to quality

Talent Screening

On-demand IT expertise

Dedicated team

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Lower Operational Costs

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