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24/7 Call Center

24/7 Call center and BPO: let’s grow your business, faster.

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Votiko's Services

All the ways to connect

Inbound/Outbound Calls

Engage with customers via a highly professional inbound/Outbound

Customer Support

Responsive and reliable support team ensuring prompt resolutions and delighted customers

Email Customer Support

Timely and comprehensive email assistance to ensure customer satisfaction and

Live Call Answering

Every call to your firm is answered by a real human being that is trained to answer for your business.

Social Media Customer Service

Monitor, manage, and resolve social media inquiries effectively with our dedicated

Live Chat Support

Real-time assistance to engage and convert website visitors into happy

Bilingual Answering

Fluent communication in multiple languages, ensuring exceptional customer experiences

Virtual Receptionists

Create a professional image and ensure smooth call handling with our virtual receptionists

Michael Monette, President, YummyDonuts

They are the best in the business, and I trust Votiko to deliver a great customer experience. The great thing about them is that they are always willing to take on more responsibilities.

Quality is never
an accident

Customer service professionals working around the clock for you

Connect, Serve, Succeed

“More qualified leads, more time, more conversions. Get more with Votiko.”

Customer Support

24/7 availability to provide uninterrupted support and ensure customer satisfaction.

Helping sales shine.

Only speak to leads pre-qualified by Votiko based on your unique criteria

Loved by the world’s most innovative brands

Votiko has provided seamless service to more than
50+ industry-leading clients.
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